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Hi! I’m Elly Dominicis and this is my blog, Eat With Your Eyes Closed.

I was born, raised, and currently live in Miami, Florida. I sprouted in Hialeah, made my way through the suburbs of West Miami, moved Downtown, and currently enjoying what one cab driver once told me was “retirement” on South Beach. As the daughter to two Cuban-born parents, I lived a happy, carb-filled childhood with meals full of magic mom sauce that I am still trying to replicate in my own cooking.

This is my personal space where I share the urban food adventures I experience in my city (Miami!) The culinary culture in Miami is still really young — every new restaurant or concept that pops up makes the entire city buzz in excitement. These are the times that Miami feels like a really tight-knit community. There’s a new restaurant, everyone’s talking about their fried pork fat tacos, and we’re all here to share in this gluttonous adventure together.

I also document my own food experiments in the kitchen. It’s important to mention that before this year, the extent of my cooking abilities never went beyond learning to make Rice Krispies Treats — and what an incredible day that was. There was this one phase where I made everyone I knew Rice Krispies Treats all the damn time. I think it’s good for all of us that I moved on.

This blog follows these new experiences I have trying to cook and showcases the recipes that end up totally surprising me (and my brave husband who agrees to eat whatever I put out in front of him.) Photos and illustrations are my own, unless otherwise noted.

From this, I hope you take away some recipes and restaurants that surprise and delight you, and most of all, make you close your eyes.

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