My Ceviche Is My Best Friend

My Ceviche Is My Best Friend

It’s time I reveal my relationship status with My Ceviche, whom I’ve been booty-calling on the regular for over a year now.

Every week without fail, there will be that one random night I come home after 9:00 from work, plop down on my couch pitying myself for not “making time” to cook myself a proper dinner and resort to a box of sugary cereal before bed. But before the shame has time to sink in, I remember that My Ceviche exists, and it brings a huge wave of relief. Not only will I eat a real dinner, but it will taste great and be vastly more nutritious than a bowl of Cap’n Crunch.

On these nights, I power up the Interwebs and order online from this roughly two-year-old  restaurant that started out as a small takeout window in South Beach and has since expanded to locations in Brickell, South Miami, and Coral Gables.

What makes these guys so unique is how unsuspecting they are — we’re talking about a straight-up beach shack with a walk-up counter and no seating in their original South Beach location. The surprise is finding that you can order stone crabs and ceviche made with hyper-local, freshly-caught fish from said beach shack.

My Ceviche Fresh


In a city that glamorizes swanky dining and serving ceviche in stupid martini glasses, My Ceviche proves that we can still have nice things in normal-looking packages.

My Ceviche

Their Ceviche Bowl ($12-$15) seems to be the big draw here,  allowing you to customize a bowl of coconut-jasmine rice, quinoa, or mixed lettuce with your choice of sauce (my favorite is the Aji Amarillo), and shrimp, octopus, local fish, or a combination of all three. As an added bonus, each meal comes with a bag of spicy, seasoned popcorn. And as popcorn usually does, it disappears quickly before you realize you even started eating it. I’m pretty sure I went up to the counter once to complain that I didn’t get my popcorn only to look down and realize I had popcorn crumbs all over my shirt.

My Ceviche Spicy Popcorn

My Ceviche does have a dark secret and I’m here to expose it. Yes, their ceviche is fresh and fantastic. But the secret weapon is in their sides:

  • Spicy guacamole and corn chips ($5.95) Fat chunks of avocado proudly make themselves known from their plastic cup, taunting you to devour it like a Jell-O shot.  And the biggest surprise? The chips themselves are actually better than the already-fantastic guacamole.

    My Ceviche Spicy Guacamole


  • Crispy hash browns with mustard sauce and cilantro ($4.95) These little, precious potato cubes smothered and covered in tangy mustard sauce make you want to make sweet, sweet mouth love to them with your mouth.
  • Corn on the cob with melted cheese and caramelized onions ($3.95) The dreaded “I-have-to-floss-my-teeth-because-I-ate-this-damned-corn” feeling? Worth it. A hundred times worth it.

All of this starts to make perfect sense when you learn that the chef and partners of the operations have a sick resume. Chef Samuel Gorenstein has worked under Michael Schwartz at the Raleigh and Michael’s Genuine, and as chef de cuisine at BLT Steak. Paired with Roger Duarte of George Stone Crab, and you’ve got the most trustworthy octopus taco you’ve ever had from a shack.


My Ceviche

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